Telling the Kids

Thankfully, our parents accepted our relationship better than we expected. Our next biggest challenge was of course the children. Luckily I already knew them due to being friends with Jon for a while and also from when I used to ‘babysit’ early in the year.

We both knew that how we approach our relationship with the children could really make a massive difference to our future. We had one shot and had to get it just right!
There’s no handbook to life, you just have to do what you think is best, but what is best?
Should we sit them down and just say “Emma and I are dating now” we considered this option but in the end decided that the best option was just let it happen.

So when it was Jons time with the boys I started to tag along, as a friend. Over time we slowly introduced ideas that we were more than friends such as the occasional hug. Holding hands a little. Kissing infront of the boys took some time but a little peck now and then. We expected some kind of reaction but to our surprise they said nothing.
I couldn’t believe how accepting they were/are of me. They just took it in their stride and it was no longer Dad it was now Dad and Emma and they were cool with that.

Happy Days!


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