Where it all began..

It was 2012 and I’d taken a gap year before University. I needed something to fill my time and so joined a local caving club. Here’s where I met Jon!

He was a married man, father to 3 boys.

We can became good friends and I soon learnt that he was very unhappy in his marriage, there were many arguments between Jon and Lisa. He used caving as his escape.

Many caving trips later and a few of us went back to Jon’s house for a drink thus meeting Lisa and the children. I got on very well with them 😊 as I was out of work Lisa asked if I’d like to babysit for them whilst they were at work (usually was grandparents but kids preferred younger enthusiasm). I of course accepted and spent a lot of time with the family.

Months passed and I had a good relationship between both Jon and Lisa and also the children. But Jon and Lisa were often at each others throats arguing and disagreeing constantly (awkward!)

Just before I went to University I got a text from Jon “I’ve finally done it, I’ve left her”

I didn’t know what to say or do so being me I was simply an ear for them both I heard both sides of the story and I was simply just being a friend.

I went to University not expecting to hear much from them again as they sort their separation etc. Anyway a few months pass and I thought I’d drop Jon a text to see how things were!

I’ve never know a man so down, I couldn’t leave him like that, what could I do? I invite him over to my Uni for the weekend to get him away from it all.

Now I’m just doing this out of kindness and friendship, his wife didn’t see it like this and I’m recieving texts “why on earth is my HUSBAND staying with you?!” Oh shit! What have I done?

The wrong impressions have been formed, she now thinks he left her for me, that we were seeing each other all along! Oh God that’s not good nor true… but they are separated…

Time goes by we start spending more and more time together. I’ve never clicked with anyone like this before. I think I’m falling in love oh no. I’m 19 years old falling in love with a 38 year old! What will people say?! What will my parents think of me?! Does he feel the same?!

We go to see a band together that we both love, well they say love is a wonderful thing, he held my hand, we hugged and OMG he kissed me, my heart melts, he likes me, he KISSED ME! I’m so happy but scared of the backlash from my family and friends but I’m in love and what a feeling!

Next up – how to tell our parents but worst of all how to tell the ex-wife and the children, what about the children?


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